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  • no. of Russian banks - 857,
    including NKOs - 51
  • no. of Ukrainian banks - 172
  • Belarussian banks - 39
  • Balances (f. 101), ratios (f. 135) and capital (f. 123 and 134) available
    at 1 April 2021
  • Income (f. 102) available
    at 1 April 2021


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Central Bank of Russia registration number: 3278

Database information:

Bank was registered on 16 November 1995 The bank was previously named: ZENIT BIZNES BANK (till 30 June 2011)

Banks' license was revoked26 February 2016 Document on license revocation: http://cbr.ru/credit/likvidbase/GetDocument.aspx?DocID=10212

As of 1 February 2016 bank was ranked 438th in Russian banking system with net assets of 2,83 bln. roubles.

 List of individuals and legal entities having significant influence (direct or indirect) on banks\' decisions.
Based on Central Bank of Russia data, self-reported by banks. Central Bank of Russia holds no liability for correctness of this data.

Link on bank's page on Central Bank of Russia's website: http://cbr.ru/credit/coinfo.asp?id=540000001

История аудита отчетности банка

Год Тип отчетности Аудитор Дата заключения Тип заключения
2014 РСБУ «Интерком-Аудит БКР» (1067746150251) 30 April 2015 немодифицированное
2014 МСФО «Интерком-Аудит БКР» (1067746150251) 15 June 2015 немодифицированное

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