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  • no. of Russian banks - 857,
    including NKOs - 51
  • no. of Ukrainian banks - 172
  • белорусских банков - 39
  • Balances (F. 101), ratios (F. 135) and capital (F. 123 and 134) available
    at 1 June 2019
  • Income (F. 102) available
    at 1 April 2019

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General information

Kuap.ru was created and is now maintained by group of analysts including employees of leading Russian banks as well as independent banking market experts. Project is financially independent and is not supported by any bank or banking group.


We are looking forward to consider any suggestions on cooperative analytical work using our experience and database. If you are interested - write us a letter info@kuap.ru.

Development plans

In the nearest future: further development of financial solvency analysis, export of main reports into Excel, launching English language vesion. If you would like some other functions to be added to our site - write us, we will consider your suggestions.


All income received from this site (advertising, paid research, cooperative work, donations) is used to sponsor specialized orphanage in the town of Idritsa, Sebezh district, Pskov region.

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